Payment and Privacy Policy

We understand the sensitivity and privacy of your data. If required, we are willing to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement. Our transcription team is bound by the same confidentiality agreement. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Pricing and Turnaround Time

When we receive your audio files, the normal turnaround time or TAT is 2 to 3 days for a one hour audio file to be completely transcribed and proofread accurately, and mailed back to you. If it’s an urgent or expedited request, and you need the file back within 12 or 24 hours, the file falls in the RUSH category and the price goes up.  We assume you will mention your expected TAT upfront, and we will get the files back to you in the requested time. You are already familiar with our rates as mentioned on our homepage.

Accuracy and Quality

Accuracy of the transcribed text depends completely on the quality of the audio. Best quality Type 1 audio would result in a perfect transcript with no errors. On which, we can guarantee a 99% transcription accuracy rate. However, if the audio is really poor, nobody can perform miracles.

Once your audio file is transcribed, it goes through editing, or proofreading, to make sure there are no errors. Then it gets finalized again by our most experienced proofreaders, so that the resulting file is as accurate as possible. Our undivided attention to audio transcription shows in our meticulous attention to accuracy and turnaround time. If it is a big project and hours of audio are to be transcribed, we will calculate the turnaround time (or TAT) for all the files and notify you of the same. However, if you wish to receive the files as soon as they are done, that can be done as well.

About Us

Quality is our focus and priority. We catch difficult words by doing meticulous research. Our team consists of experienced professionals with university degrees in English Language, Law, Medicine, Journalism and Designing.
NO compromise on quality. Transparent, reasonable and affordable pricing. Documents are sent to you in whichever format you want; DOC, TXT, PDF, HTML. We accept a wide range of audio files too.
99% accuracy on decent quality audio, the best transcribers and proofreaders available, trained not only to be fast, but deliver quality. Best native translators around the world. Talented design team using the latest and greatest tools.


We are ready to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement if need be, insuring safe and secure handling of your sensitive files.


On decent quality audio files, we can guarantee 99% accuracy, that is our promise.


We will transcribe an hour of audio into a 99% accurate transcript in less than 2 days