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Role of radio show transcripts

Radio show transcripts are in high demand, because radio will always be relevant.  With the advent of TV, cinema, online digital media and everything else you have today, radio is still relevant.  With MTV no longer playing music, instead we get to watch tanned people with IQ smaller than my shoe size argue over who ate their sandwich, radio is your best bet to listen to latest music.  On top of on-air radio shows, there are tons of online radio shows, or podcasts.  Radio show transcripts are just those radio shows converted to text.  These help people with hearing disability, and those who would prefer to read, than listen.  Radio show transcripts are also super helpful for their website.  These transcripts also serve the purpose of growing their audience base exponentially.

Radio show transcription and SEO

I’ve recently heard some podcasters comment on podcast transcription.  While most of them get why it is important, the concept of SEO is lost on some of them. They think that putting podcast transcripts on their website will lure the listener away from the show.  Well, if you’re interesting enough, and your audience isn’t hearing disabled, they WILL listen to your show.  If someone prefers to listen than read, they will always, always choose to listen to the show.  But if some prefer to read, 90% of the time they will want to read it.  By uploading a radio show transcript on your website, you’re giving your visitors one more option.  I think that’s neat.  It always helps to have more options.  Solve problems, and you find success.

Furthermore, podcast or radio show notes in the audio/video description are not good enough for search engine crawlers or bots.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. like content.  Lots of content.  A radio show transcript in that sense will always be a great alternative.  What’s more, we transcribe and proofread the transcript for you.  All you have to do is upload it on your website.   Which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing up extremely detailed show notes for every single episode.  Search engines will pick up keywords appearing in a transcript, which is ultimately beneficial for your website’s ranking.

Radio show transcripts = Another option

Some people prefer to read.  But for some people, the only option is to read.  By offering a radio show transcript to hearing disabled people, you are doing everyone a favor.  First and foremost it helps them.  It’s not charity, it’s just a simple solution to a problem.  Radio shows or podcasts who give their listeners more options are generally more liked, and more popular.  They also rank pretty high on search engines.

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