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webcast transcription

Before we delve into what Webcast Transcription is, let us explain what Webcast is.  According to Wikipedia, “A webcast is a media presentation distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers.  A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand.  Essentially, webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet.”

It’s just another word for streaming, which is another word for live broadcasting.  What makes webcasting different is it can be interactive.  Also, with the help of presentations and other technical mumbo-jumbo, you can interact with the webcaster.  You can answer polls or ask questions, real-time.  With internet in everyone’s palms these days, and plenty of webcasting services and software available, webcasting or streaming has become very common.  You’ve got a professional camera, or even a webcam or smartphone?  You can webcast.

How can we help

Webcast is a niche of ours.  Our transcription team is trained extensively in doing effective research.  All of them also have an ever-learning attitude.  Which means they keep themselves updated with the latest news and general knowledge.  This helps immensely with webcast transcription or business transcription.  We don’t waste time in searching for common or uncommon terms.  Due to prior experience and knowledge, a lot of it comes naturally to us.  Our team of professional transcribers can provide you or your company with top notch transcription or subtitling of your video files.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about converting your webcasts into audio.  Just email us the link, we’ll do the rest.  We’ll even sign a legal NDA if need be.  In a couple of hours or days (depending on the option you choose), you get a complete, finalized webcast transcript at the starting rate of $1.20 per minute of clean and clear audio.  Our transcription services are also not just limited to TV or video related companies.  It extends to any sector that produces webcasts or video presentations.  Whatever the topic, we are up to the job.

Advantages of Webcast Transcription

There are also multiple advantages to having your video content transcribed.  For example, adding captions or subtitles can greatly help a wider range of audience, i.e. people who don’t understand English.  Also, transcripts or subtitles also help the hearing disabled.  Furthermore, if transcripts of your webcast are made available on your website, it counts as new content, giving your website a massive search engine boost.  More info about our webcast transcription services below:

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