Benefits of transcribing business seminars

Business Transcription: Transcribing corporate events and seminars: Why do it?

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Whether you’re organizing or managing a corporate event like a business seminar, keynote, TED talk, product launch, trade show or an IT fair, you’d ideally want your guests to extract the most out of that event.  Business transcription is very helpful in these cases.  Sure, your audience can record the various presentations, keynote speeches and Q&A sessions while sitting in the audience and note down the key points, but really how much can you extract from a recording?  What if you need to publish a thorough review or full transcript of the event on your website or blog, further extending the marketing of that event?  What if you need to send all participants key extracts from the event?  This is where a professional transcription service comes in.

Why pay for business transcription?

  • Transcripts can serve as a brief review or a detailed report of the event.
  • Both serve as excellent documentation of the event.
  • Better documentation creates brand awareness. A big positive  in the long run.  
  • Transcripts can serve as a play-by-play record for people unable to attend your event.
  • Help the hearing disabled know more about your brand.
  • If it’s an online webcast/seminar, participants may miss whole event due to unreliable/slow internet.

How do we ensure 100% accurate transcription?

We stamp our company’s name on each transcript, that’s our guarantee of quality.  It doesn’t make sense for us to provide inaccurate, poorly transcribed documents to our important clients, which can have a negative bearing on our reputation.  Our transcribers and quality analysts are trained professionals with years, sometimes decades of experience.  What’s more, we even provide confidentiality agreements.  Your data is in safe, professional hands.  Through transcription company testimonials and online reviews, one can ascertain how good an online audio transcription service really is.

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Our transcribers and quality analysts have over 6 years of experience in converting voice to text, with some of them specializing in transcribing seminars and conferences.  We also make sure to give them continued feedback and training to improve their accuracy consistently.  This attention to detail results in 99% accuracy that we can consistently achieve.  More info on our business transcription services below:

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