How to grow your podcast audience with transcription

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Talking with several podcasters over the years, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, is that all of them are desperate.  Not desperate for women, but desperate to gain new audience, expand their listener/viewer base, find new ways to get girls to notice them etc.  So, how does podcast transcription help you with growing your podcast audience?  Let’s jump right into it:

1. Passive SEO with podcast transcription:

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines are completely deaf.  They won’t hear your podcast, so the onus is on you to provide information about your podcast in as few keywords as you can.  Major search engines like Google and Bing employ what are called crawlers.  Don’t worry, these won’t crawl on your walls, only your webpage.  They rank your website based on what kind of content is on there.  More relevant content = better ranking.  More text, more comprehensive crawling.  So, with podcast transcription, uploading the text on your webpage, what you’re getting is effortless content, lots of it.  For ex. if you are obsessed with Donald Trump, and talk about him all day, if someone searches for him next time, there’s a fat, blonde chance your website may come up in relevant results.

2. More ways to consume:

Unless you have the charisma of Freddie Mercury, or the sheer magnetism/unlimited vocabulary of Christopher Hitchens, chances are many people don’t want to hear you talk.  So you can do those people a favor by publishing a readable format, or maybe an edited version, of your ramblings, so they can read it sheepishly under the table during an important office meeting.  If they get fired, they can blame you.  Their bosses will check your website, one more hit, right?  If someone has an ear infection, voila, they can read your website on their device, so that even when they’re suffering, they have your amazing content to soothe them, or help them sleep, or whatever.

3. Help more people with podcast transcription:

Another dimension people often forget are people with hearing disability.  If they read your podcast topic, and are genuinely interested in what you have to say, by simply putting a transcript below your podcast/video, you are effectively expanding your audience base.  It’s the same for people with English as a second language, who can read better than they can understand.  Because if they can’t understand you, they might assume you’re an incoherent rambler with zero charisma and talent.  Now, that’s not true, is it?

4. Let others link to you:

You can put the transcript not just on your website, but several other websites as detailed information about your podcast.  What’s more, other sites can link not only to your podcast, but also the transcript.  The transcript may also be helpful as a ready document in case you are mentioned in print media.  The possibilities are simply endless!

5. Easy subtitles with podcast transcription:

Want to add subtitles to your video?  Simply use a verbatim transcript along with a subtitling software to get the job done!  Or simply give us the video and we will add the subtitles for you.  What will you do without us?  Jeez…

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