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Why you should get your sermon transcribed

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Whether you enjoy your Sunday morning prayers or not.  Whether you’re religious, atheist, agnostic or straight up Lucifer, everyone enjoys listening to sermons.  Because whether their faith or belief collides with yours, there are always interesting anecdotes in every sermon.  And positive teachings are always good to learn from.  A lot of churches produce sermons online these days, as it’s a perfect new avenue to increase their flock from.  While it is a commendable effort spreading the good word, they have to understand that simply publishing good weekly sermons is only half the job done.  Let’s delve a bit deeper into how they can reach more people:

Better SEO:

For the layman not familiar with this term, SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization.  In simplest English, it means there are a set of tweaks you can make to your website, which makes it ranks higher on major search engines like Google.  For example, if someone searches for “Baptist sermons” or “Catholic sermons”, if that’s an area you serve, and your website is optimized for those search terms, it will come up on the first page.  Furthermore, a higher rank tells the user you’re famous.  Our next step delves into deeper detail on this.

New content with sermon transcripts:

As we explained in our previous post on SEO and podcast transcription, search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing deploy what are called search engine crawlers.  Don’t worry people with arachnophobia, crawlers are just programs whose main job is to go scan and search every single website on the internet.  They bring back data, depending on which Google, Bing or other search engines will rank your website on their search engine.  One of the most important things these crawlers search for is content.  Not audio or video content, because it can’t read those, but textual content.  The more textual content you have on your website, the better it will rank.

Simply getting your sermons transcribed and uploading them on your website gives it that much needed new daily content.  Also, which makes it 10 times attractive to all search engines.  All of this at a nominal fee and the most hassle free process.

Help the hearing impaired:

This is pretty self-explanatory.  If not for the obvious SEO benefits, you can provide a transcript on your website for listeners with hearing disability.  This allows that many more subscribers to follow your sermons.  What’s more, we can also add subtitles to your sermon videos, including tags like audience laughter, applause etc. so they get the complete experience and don’t have to miss a thing.

Be an online Bible resource:

Your website can be an online Bible resource; a place where people who search for verses and their meaning, explanation, or elaboration, can come and read all about them.  Putting transcripts of your sermons online does just that.  Google will index the pages with verses, and next time someone does a Google search with a specific verse, your website will pop up first.  Be that resource.

We can transcribe your sermons weekly for a nominal rate, and also add subtitles to your sermon videos.  You can find more info and links below:

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