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Academic Transcription Services for Lectures and Interviews

Academic Transcription Services caters to most universities and academic institutions.  As they routinely have their most important lectures, speeches and presentations recorded.  That is for a lot of purposes, including backup or archiving or consumption at later events.  Now, while it is beneficial to record them, it’s sometimes infinitely times better to have a document archive of the same.  Not only for the institution, but for other purposes.  Like websites, printouts, SEO, releases, powerpoints for future presentations, archive for the hearing disabled etc.  What’s more, transcripts of academic lectures also help immensely as potent study material.

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Here is where the important role of academic transcription services comes into play.  The speech to text conversion of these audio recordings has proven, time and again, to be an invaluable asset to the academic community.  Furthermore, the academic environment has constantly appealed to our transcription services.  In fact, academic transcription is a niche of ours.  We have provided academic transcription services to clients from Harvard, BU, Stanford, Virginia Tech etc. to name a few, since our inception.  We are known for providing accurate transcripts of research/dissertation/thesis interviews, lectures from a university or a private institution, class notes, academic seminars etc.  The transcripts consist of valuable records of events and provide accurate and easy to read information for the people concerned in the field.


We don’t shy away from providing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), or a confidentiality agreement to our clients if they need it.  We have scoured the earth and employed some of the most experienced transcribers and transcription quality analysts.  Which ensures every transcript we produce, adheres to our standards of top-notch accuracy and quality.  Furthermore, all this is done at unbelievably affordable rates.  More info below:

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