Seminar Transcription

seminar transcription

The global market has a growing trend, seminar transcription.  Just kidding.  A trend which has always been constant, no matter the economic climate, is that companies want to be increasing their business figures constantly.  (Well, D’oh!).  Also, they want to assess their status from a financial point of view.  Especially the companies that have their vested interest in the stock market.  Along with your local vendor selling delicious hot-dogs around the corner.  They have to conduct periodical conferences.  The companies I mean.  Which usually entails news about their company or launch of a new product.


These conferences/seminars are often held in large rooms.  Sometimes in a basement.  Also, they involve at least close to half a dozen speakers, which makes discerning a lot of words challenging.  So, it always helps to have a transcript of the seminar done for just their personal records or to disclose the meeting on their website.  Ready-made content, yay!  Therefore, a good business transcription team can help immensely with this.

A transcription company undertaking said project of seminar transcription are usually working under a tight deadline, in a shed under the sun, with no food and water.  Kidding!  We are sitting in luxurious air-conditioned offices, some of us in our homes, in pajamas, eating Doritos while we transcribe your company’s profit and loss review!  Kidding again.  We are thorough professionals, we don’t wear pajamas.  We can understand that in seminar transcription, confidentiality and data security can be an issue.  Which is precisely why we provide an NDA.  And last but not the least in any way, we promise close to 99% accuracy on decent quality audio files.

How do we achieve quality?

Our quality analysts meticulously go through the transcribed data, getting it as close to almost 100% accuracy as humanly possible.  Don’t believe me, you can ask for a free trial of our services.  More information below:

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