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Business transcription and earnings transcripts

If we were to explain the term business transcription, it would boil down to the following:

  • Earnings results transcripts.
  • Transcripts of meetings or seminars.
  • Company’s quarter/half-year/full-report of financials.
  • Key events or launch of a new product or service.

Conference calls usually take place every three months in the form of a webcast or a telephonic conference.  The CEO or President of the company reports on how the company’s doing.  That is followed by the CFO giving an outlook on the financials.  Furthermore other officials from the company add some tidbits in the end before the floor opens up for the Q&A.

business transcription

In the Q&A session, top analysts from big financial institutions usually ask friendly, non-grilling questions.  You get the odd trolling analyst, but nothing major.  Companies that are on the stock market, have to report their quarterly financial figures to their shareholders, profit/loss, launch of new products, products that are in the pipeline, new services, new hires etc.

Transcribing these business calls is one hard nut to crack; a nut which requires a lot of research.  Maybe even some homework before you begin.  Nothing very technical, but just to skim through their website, look at what the company did in the last three months etc.  Maybe take a look at their last quarter’s earnings transcript, board of directors, key executive names, key product names.  All this prep and research goes crucially into delivering a highly accurate transcript.

Below are some features of our business transcription services:

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