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Business Transcription Services and earnings transcripts.  If you were searching for either a service that can transcribe business seminars for you.  Or if you’re a transcriber looking for tips and tricks for how to improve your skills in this arena, you’ve come to the right place.  Obviously we are biased towards our own business transcription services.  But we’ll try our best to explain in detail (without overselling ourselves) the benefits of business transcription services for your purposes.  Business transcription services boils down to the following:

Business Transcription Services for Minutes of Meetings

In 2018, it is less efficient to jot down key minutes of meetings on a notepad.  Especially for business meetings with multiple speakers.  If a meeting goes longer than an hour, it makes sense to record it and have it transcribed by top-notch business transcription services.  It is impossible for a single person to accurately grab context out of several different viewpoints.  The best solution is to record the meeting and have it transcribed within a couple of hours, or days (depending on how much you want to pay) and have an accurate document with every single word uttered, recorded.

Business Transcription Services for Podcasts

Business podcasts have become very popular these days, especially for entrepreneurs with very little time on hand.  Whether you want to listen to a podcast, or better yet, read it in its entirety, business transcription services for podcasts can make the latter happen for you.  Podcasts are usually recorded in a sound-proofed studio and have amazing audio quality, which also makes them much cheaper to get transcribed.

Business Transcription Services for Seminars or Webinars

Seminars or Webinars are a great way to keep in touch with updates in the industry and new, disruptive ways of doing things.  Seminars and webinars are usually very long, sometimes a couple of hours.  Unless you have time to sit through a full seminar, it makes sense to have them transcribed by trusted and accurate business transcription services.  You get a well formatted document with every word uttered in the seminar, with headings if needed, so you can skim through to the parts you’re most interested in.  The small fee you pay for the transcription saves you valuable time.

Financial Earnings Transcription

For a company, disclosing earnings quarterly, half-yearly or yearly is one of the most important events.  One that requires the highest levels of accurate reporting.  A lot of companies can’t afford an in-house team of transcribers and quality analysts.  Which makes sense, because you don’t want people on a payroll when you don’t need transcription on a daily basis.  Which is again where business transcription services can help tremendously.

In the Q&A session, top analysts from big financial institutions usually ask friendly, non-grilling questions.  You get the odd trolling analyst, but nothing major.  Companies that are on the stock market, have to report their quarterly financial figures to their shareholders, profit/loss, launch of new products, products that are in the pipeline, new services, new hires etc.

Business Transcription Services for Key Events or New Product Launch

When you launch a new product, you want to make sure that the press releases have an accurate description.  A transcript of such an event will go a long way in developing a kickass press release.  And because a quality analyst from reputable business transcription services will make sure the accuracy is as close to 100% as possible, you will not miss anything.

Executive Dictation Transcription

business transcription services, dictation transcription

Whether you are a CEO of a multinational company, or an entrepreneur with a small startup, time is of crucial essence.  As author Tim Ferriss explained in his best selling book The 4-Hour Work Week, you can record a lot of your ideas on a digital recorder or your smartphone, and outsource the transcription of it to a transcription service like ScriptoSphere.  This not only saves crucial time for you having to make lists of goals or to-do lists, it also means you have an accurate database of all your thoughts and ideas.  And because we sign any NDAs you like, you don’t have to worry about your ideas falling into the wrong hands.

Why choose ScriptoSphere for your Business Transcription Services?

Transcribing these business calls is one hard nut to crack; a nut which requires a lot of research.  Maybe even some homework before you begin.  Nothing too deep, but just to skim through their website, look at what the company did in the last quarter or year etc.  Maybe take a look at their last quarter’s earnings transcript, board of directors, key executive names, key product names.  All this prep and research goes crucially into delivering a highly accurate transcript.

What we’ve done at ScriptoSphere over the years is painstakingly search, evaluate and hire only the best transcribers and quality analysts, so that it’s a team you can rely on.  We promise 99% accuracy depending on the audio quality.  More background noise and disturbance in your recorded audio, the price goes up.  But we still try our best to get as close to 99% accuracy as possible, even if it takes 2-3 attempts at proofreading.

Below are some features of our business transcription services:

  • Experience of over 15 years in Business Transcription
  • Team of Highest Quality Transcribers and Quality Analysts
  • No reliance on any Voice Recognition Software
  • Accurate transcripts for Earnings Calls in a matter of hours
  • Fast, secure and confidential transcription of meetings.
  • Speaker Identification and Custom Formatting.
  • Advanced scheduling and priority, on-demand business transcription services.