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We have online transcription jobs available for new or experienced transcribers and proofreaders/quality analysts.  You will be joining ScriptoSphere at a very exciting time, as our company is thriving and we are looking for enthusiastic individuals who have years of experience and keen attention to detail, to join our ever expanding team.  You need to be self motivated, have a growth mindset and be able to tackle any challenges that come your way.  Online transcription jobs are a great way to make money whether you’re working from home or a coworking space.  If you want to make some extra money in your free hours or weekends, our doors are always open.


We are currently ONLY looking for GT (General Transcription) candidates, and NOT MT (Medical Transcription) candidates.

Benefits of Online Transcription Jobs

Work From Home or Anywhere Else

One of the best things about online transcription jobs is you don’t need an office setting for it to work.  You can literally wake up in the morning, make your coffee, set your laptop up on your dinner table and start working.  Having said all that, it may not be easy at first.  It will help if you have transcription foot pedals and a good quality pair of headphones.  We are looking for professionals who take pride in their work and put quality of work above everything else.  We wish to see you become part of our team, and for you not to only have freedom and flexibility you desire, but also a long and fruitful professional relationship with us.

We’d suggest a quiet place to get transcription done because you don’t want background noise.  So, coffee shops and a public park with lots of kids are a big no-no.

online transcription jobs, work from home

Work Flexible Hours

As the title says, it’s online transcription jobs.  So, because you don’t need to be present at a physical office space, you can work any time you like, as long as you finish the transcription in the agreed upon timeframe.  TAT (Turnaround Time) will be communicated along with file assignments.  TAT can vary between 24 hours to 2-3 days, depending on client request.

Do You need to Spend Money to Get Started?

If you’re reading this post on your smartphone, but don’t have a computer or a laptop, then yeah, you may have to invest in buying a computer or laptop to do online transcription jobs properly.  If you think you don’t want to make that jump yet, and you have access to someone else’s computer, that’s great too!  Good news is you don’t need an extremely powerful computer to get this done.  If it can open a word document and play an audio file at the same time, it’s good enough.  Something like this cheap HP 14 inch laptop should get the job done to get started with.  You could also buy a higher performance PC for the same money, so spend wisely.

The best thing about online transcription jobs is you need very little to no investment to get started.  If you’d like to save time however, it’d be a good idea to invest in transcription foot pedals and good quality headphones.

Is Transcription Difficult?

If you are new to transcription, and are wondering if you need any special training or equipment, don’t fret.  If English is your first or second language, and you have no difficulty in understanding different accents, it will be a breeze for you.  If you have a computer/laptop and an internet connection, and you can type at a decent pace (60 WPM) that’s pretty much enough to begin with!  Anything can be difficult or easy depending on what your mind makes it to be.  If you think transcription is easy, and it is something you love doing, that is exactly what it will be.  We love transcription.  It’s definitely one of the less demanding professions.  Having said that, there is a slight learning curve, but once you get in the “flow”, it becomes a breeze.

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If You’re Open to Feedback, We Will Do Our Best to Help You

There are two types of people.  Ones who see feedback as positive and constructive and a way to grow.  And others who see feedback as negative criticism and become defensive.  Which attitude wins in life?  We prefer to work with open minded, positive people, and create an environment of collaboration and camaraderie.  Work with us and we’ll help you get better at transcription, and you can double your earning ability in a short time.  This is not a sales or advertising pitch, it really is possible.

Do You need any Equipment?

As we mentioned above, to save time doing online transcription jobs, it’s a good idea to invest in transcription foot pedals.  How do they help?  You control the audio file playback with your feet, so your fingers are free to type away.  By saving time, you increase your earning ability, and you get more work done in lesser time.  On top of that, if you invest in high quality headphones, a sound processor or an amplifier, it helps in bringing your overall transcription quality up.  By consistently listening to feedback and training, and applying recommendations into your craft, you can quickly become one of the top transcribers nationally, or even in the world.

Increase Your General Knowledge

Our online transcription jobs deal mostly with general transcription (GT), with maybe some occasional dabbling with legal or medical transcription.  General transcription means the topics are vast and varied.  You could be learning about current events one day, to something historical the next, to how to make a website yourself, to what’s latest in education.  The next week you could be learning about cuisines around the world, or which country is the best travel destination.  If you’ve been in GT for a while, you already know all this.  If you’re new to this, prepare to learn new stuff.

How Much Will I get Paid? And When?

We prefer quality over speed, but would ideally like to hit the sweet spot between the two.  We currently have freelancer and salaried positions available.  Our rates are competitive, and depending on your quality, transcribers can be earning $20 per audio hour and go higher if they deliver client-ready transcripts quickly.

You will be paid monthly upon receipt of your invoice.  We can pay via PayPal or direct bank transfer depending on your country of residence.

Growth Opportunities

Our proofreaders and quality analysts earn higher salaries, and there are long term career and growth options available for you within our company if you display talent for transcription, a focus on quality and high levels of professionalism.  We want to build the best transcription team in the industry, and you could be part of that.

How to Apply?

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