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Welcome to ScriptoSphere’s Related Links Page. Here you can find many useful links that either have to do with our line of business, Transcription, Audio related, or just every day general stuff. If you are a business website owner related to the field of Transcription, Audio or any other, and would like to exchange links, please contact us at our email address: [email protected] and we would be more than happy to put your link on our page (of course if you put our link on yours:) ). Below are all the links which we think would be useful to you, or are in a way related to our company.

Firstly, some links to all the services we provide. Hopefully these would be super helpful for you:

  • ScriptoSphere Blog: Apart from Transcription, we also like to dabble in writing articles. Do come over to our blog for constantly updated articles about anything and everything.
  • SendThisFile: Very useful service, similar to YouSendIt, but you can send and receive bigger files. The upload box on our website is provided by SendThisFile.
  • Alhambra Dental: Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Chao will help you create unique smiles as he serves quality cosmetic dentistry at the best dental clinic in Alhambra, California. We at ScriptoSphere are proud to say that we have transcribed all the episodes of Dr. Chao’s fantastic dental radio talk-show called SmileTalk.
  • Furthermore, you can listen to Dr. Chao’s radio show SmileTalk, or read transcripts of all episodes transcribed exclusively by ScriptoSphere right here:
  • Hightail: A great website for sending/uploading files.
  • 4Shared: Your own little file folder on the internet with big space.
  • NCH Software: Makers of free and very good Audio, Telephony and Dictation programs. They’ve got a wide range of sound editors, dictation programs, transcription software and foot pedals. Makers of the world famous Express Scribe, free software for use with transcription foot pedals.
  • MP3 Converters: In case your audio file is too big, or you need a whole CD or DVD transcribed, and don’t know what to do about it? Fear not, visit the link to find free MP3 converters, which would convert all your audio files into MP3 in a jiffy.