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Audio transcription is simply the conversion of audio to text. In this category we provide daily helpful articles and how-to information on voice to text conversion.  We give expert analysis of online transcription services. We outline the benefits of podcast transcription, sermon transcription, business transcription, voice to text conversion. Articles on how to save money with audio to text, mp3 to text; how to do transcription at home. Human intelligence is still a huge factor in transcription. Voice recognition software AI has tried, many smartphone and tablet apps have tried, but you still need humans to review them.  Like anything else, converting voice to text requires skill and years of practice to perfect.

To be good at it, you need to have a solid combination of speed, general knowledge, focus and concentration, accuracy and research ability.  Anyone with a deadly combination of those can be an awesome transcriber.  Our competitors can charge up to $2 per audio minute for your audio and deliver them in 5 days.  We do the same, if not better job, starting at $1.20 per minute and turn it around in 2 days flat.  If you’re not happy with the quality, then you get your money back.  Below is more info about our transcription process:

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